Written by: User:Modeltrain701

One day, at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Duncan was sad that he had to work there. "Oh, I never should have pushed Rheneas off the bridge." he said sadly. "Now I have ta work here. Maybe I should try to go on an adventure to cheer me up." This was a bad mistake. He saw a old, overgrown line ahead of him. "This looks fun." he said. He chuffed onto the old line and before he knew it, he was inside of a old mine. Then, Skarloey came racing down the hill towards the old line. His troublesome trucks were pushing him on. Then, Skarloey went onto the overgrown line and his troublesome trucks flew into the air. Stones came crashing down, sealing up the entrance to the mine. Duncan was trapped. Duncan started to run low on steam. He summoned all his energy, and whistled loud and clear. Everyone could hear for miles. "DUNCAN IS IN TROUBLE!" said Peter Sam. "We must help him!" said Rusty. "Hopefully he is alright." said Luke. Then, who showed up but Jack the front-loader. "I ran out of fuel." said Jack. Soon, Jack was refueled and he rumbled into action. He scooped up the stones, and raced away. Skarloey was coupled up to Duncan, and he pulled, and he heaved, and he hauled, and he used up all his energy and steam and heaved Duncan out of the mine onto the rails. Then, there was a huge pop. Skarloey had popped a piston. "Sorry." said Duncan. "For your carelessness Duncan, you will have to work here for an extra month." said Mr. Percival sternly. Duncan was left in silence, wondering what was going to happen next.