These are the rules and guidelines of this wiki. Please follow them and you will be fine.

Guidelines for Stories

  1. No "three strikes" plots.
  2. No repetitive rhyming.
  3. Ask an administrator to protect a story after completion to prevent vandalism.
  4. Use correct formatting to prevent confusion.

General Wiki Rules

  1. No vandalism.
  2. No swearing (abbreviations count).
  3. No bashing (insulting or criticizing) on Thomas and Friends.
  4. No pornographic images or the like at ALL.
  5. No bullying, trolling, or spamming.
  6. Use the chat for general discussion, not blog posts.
  7. Blog posts are for things that relate to this wiki's topic.
  8. No begging to be an admin, unless the user deserves it.

Users who violate these rules will be first warned, and if it continues, then a block will be placed (length of block depends on severity of violation).

Changes for the rules can be suggested in here.